Experience the atmosphere like Tour de France

Experience the atmosphere like Tour de France. L'Etape is the race for you

Every cycling lover would love to experience the feeling. At least for a few moments to try on the role of riders from the famous Tour de France and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the most famous race in the world. If you are one of them, we have a unique opportunity for you. Mark the date 28 August in your diary, because on that day the L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France project will take place in the beautiful panoramas of Prague, Křivoklátsko or Český kras regions. And you can be sure of one thing now already. The unique experience of a well-organized event will leave only the best impression on you.

Battle for the yellow, green, white or polka dot jerseys. Stalls, attractions, a rich accompanying program for you and your children. And above all, the joy of movement in a safe environment. All this is brought to you by the project L´Etape Czech Republic, which will open its doors on 28 August.

You don't have to worry. The race under the auspices of L´Etape is definitely not just for cycling fanatics. Those who want to enjoy the ride itself in the beautiful landscape of Český kras, Berounsko and Křivoklátsko will also find it to their liking. At the same time, spectators and fans will also enjoy the event, just like in the real Tour de France. You will have a choice of two route options. The longer one is 130 kilometres long, while its simpler version is forty kilometres shorter. Your safety is taken care of. The race takes place on closed roads in the Central Bohemian Region with all traffic excluded.

Tailor-made training

Have you never attended an event like this before and have doubts about whether you can do it? We will be happy to help you with that. You can take advantage of L'Etape Social Rides, a training programme in which you will learn how to ride in a pack properly and without fear. You will get to know the basics and specifics of riding in a peloton, which may be a first time for many of you, but which will sure help you improve your performance. No need to worry here either. We are not setting you up for a real Tour de France. The rides are truly tailored to everyone, and you can ride at a relaxed pace with no pressure on time or performance. Above all, it's about the social contact with other enthusiasts, with whom you'll have something to say even outside the saddle. And the choice is really wide, training sessions take place in many places in the Czech Republic. All the information you need can be found on our website here.

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The pace of the race? It's all up to you

If you still have doubts about whether the L'Etape August event is too demanding, we can reassure you. Our aim is to make you feel good and enjoy the race more than anything. If you want to fight for the overall triumph and show the rivals your back in the sprints or hills and compete for one of the jerseys, go for it.

But you can also choose the option of a relaxing trip with friends. Perhaps you are worried about riding in the peloton with others? No problem. Head out on the course alone or with a friend. Is the route too challenging? Doesn’t matter, you’ll ride it at a purely recreational pace, which corresponds to the 20 km/h limit. You won't miss the reward at the finish line anyway.

Money Back Guarantee

You don't have to worry about possible financial loss either. If you decide not to take part in the event within 30 days before the start of the event, we will refund your money in full. There is no financial loss even if the event does not take place due to force majeure. In this case, we will carry over the entry fee to the next year or you can request a refund, which is reduced by CZK 270. More information can be found on our website here.

Your health is a priority

The fight against the global coronavirus pandemic is still not won, which is why your safety at the races is our top priority. As such, all participants must have an infection-free certificate, and for a small fee you can have a test done on the spot. However, the likelihood of infection at the event itself is quite minimal. Even data from the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (IHIS CR) show that the possibility of transmitting the virus during a sport is around two tenths of a percent, while it is even lower during bike races on the fresh air and with spacing. It is a well-documented fact that physically active people who regularly take part in sport and thus strengthen their natural immunity are much better able to resist possible infection than individuals who prefer a sedentary lifestyle. Last but not least, there is vaccination. Whether or not to have the vaccine is, of course, everyone's free decision.

However, the fact is that vaccinated individuals will always be better off, both in terms of possible infection and when attending events.

Motivation and new friends

Cycling is a passion. It is far from just about sporting performance and overcoming yourself. It's also about making new friends and, above all, the joy of moving in the beautiful countryside. That's what the Project L'Etape brings you.

And that's not all. Road cycling is also specific because of the heavy traffic. You don't have to worry about that with us. As we have already mentioned, the routes are on closed roads, so your safety is hundred percent taken care of. And the competition? You will find out that this is the best motivation to train and improve your physical condition.

The best for last. At the start of the race, you can meet true legends of Czech, Czechoslovak and even world cycling. You will not have such an opportunity at any other event in our territory.

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Do not hesitate and come to enjoy the unique experience that you will one day be able to tell your children or grandchildren about. We look forward to seeing you!



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