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The first season of L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France (hereinafter referred to as L'Etape Czech) will take place on the 5th of June 2021 under the cooperation of Petr Čech Sport, a.s. and Kolo pro Život, z. s., (hereinafter the organizers) who are licensed partners of the Amaury Sport Organization (A.S.O.), which, as the licensee, supervising the compliance with the standards of the L'Etape by Tour de France series.

Official name of the race: L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France.

Cycling race for the public on road or gravel bikes. The rules for participation are a properly fastened bicycle helmet, a bicycle with road handlebars (so-called rams) and a maximum tire width of 35 mm. Electric bikes are not allowed in the race.

L'Etape CZ will take place on the 5th of June 2021 in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

Two routes will be available for the race. The long route will measure approximately 120 - 140 km, the short one will be about 80 - 100 km long. The final routes will be published later on the website and the social networks L'Etape CZ.



Year of birth

M1 / W1

18 - 34

1987 - 2003

M2 / W2

35 - 39

1982 - 1986

M3 / W3

40 - 44

1977 - 1981

M4 / W4

45 - 49

1972 - 1976

M5 / W5

50 - 54

1967 - 1971

M6 / W6

55 - 59

1966 - 1966

M7 / W7

60 - 64

1957 - 1961

M8 / W8

65 - 69

1952 - 1956

M9 / W9

70 a více

1951 and before

(*age of the participant on 31 December of the year of the race)

Individual riders will be classified according to the following rules:

Overall classification: The winner is the rider who completes the route in the shortest time. The winner will receive a Yellow Jersey.

Green jersey for the best sprinter: The winner is the rider who crosses the section of the route marked as the 'Sprinter bonuses' in the shortest time or the sum of the times in these sections.

Polka dot jersey for the best climber: The winner is the rider who crosses the section of the route marked the 'Climbing section' in the shortest time or the sum of the times in these sections.

White jersey for the best young rider: The winner is the competitor with the shortest total time, who will be 23 or younger on the 31st of December 2021.

The team is made from a minimum of 5 riders. There are no limits for the maximum number.

Team members cannot compete in the individual classification, only in the team classification.

The team classification has the following categories: Men MT, Women WT, Mixes XT.

The cumulative time of the first four riders will be the competitive measure of the team times in the MT and WT categories, and the parts of the top 3 men and the best women in the XT category.

The teams will start the race separately from individual riders, within their own starting wave.

Team members must appear identical jerseys.

Registration to L'Etape Czech is available only on the event's website The payment is made through the secure gateway. The registration of the rider is complete upon the payment is crediting to the organizer's account. When registered, the applicant must fill in all the required information.

Registration will be opened on September 14th, 2020

Long route - basic price: CZK 2,990
Long route - discounted price: CZK 2,490
Long route - last call: 3 490, - CZK
Long route - on the spot: CZK 4,990

Short route - basic price: CZK 2,590
Short route - discounted price: CZK 2,090
Short route - last call: CZK 2,990
Short route - on the spot: CZK 4,990

Advanced sale of vouchers for entry fee:

The voucher for the entry fee can be purchased from 21 August 2020 in an exclusive pre-sale, which is reserved for premium users. On Monday, August 24th 2020, at 9:00 a.m., a pre-sale for all interested parties will be launched on the website.

500 and 500 vouchers for each route will be given on pre-sale: CZK 1,990 long route, CZK 1,690 short route

This voucher is portable and must be used by February the 28th 2021.
Registration will start on the 14th of September 2020 on the

The registration pack includes:

  • Starting number. The start number is the property of the organizer, until the end of the race.
  • A unique participant's medal or other souvenirs
  • Mechanical support from official vehicles in the peloton
  • Race kit (string bag with equipment of our partners)
  • Health insurance at the highest level
  • Richly stocked refreshment station
  • Collection vehicle for the ones who do not finish
  • Pasta party after the race

The rider in the L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France always starts at his own risk. The race will run within limited road traffic, despite this the participant is obliged to follow the rules of road traffic and follow the organizer's instructions.
Before the race, the rider should know his current state of health and undergo a professional examination by a sports doctor. We strongly recommend taking out accident insurance.

Accompanying vehicles are not allowed. There will be several vehicles of neutral technical assistance in the peloton.

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