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Learn to ride like a pro! Social Rides are training sessions for all riders.

Are you looking forward to a race but riding in a pack is more of a nightmare than a way to save energy?

Join us for social training sessions where we'll teach you how to ride safely and properly in a pack. You'll learn the basics of riding in the peloton, enjoy riding in a group and, most importantly, increase your performance.

The rides are truly for everyone, and we’ll ride at a relaxed pace together in basic endurance.

Rides are held at several locations across the country. You can find a list of all the events that are continually coming up, including detailed information and registration, right below this article.

Just choose a specific training, click on REGISTER HERE and a booking window will pop up. Fill in your name (jméno), surname (příjmení), phone, email, number of places (počet míst) and press the ADD button (Vytvořit reservaci). This will let us know about you and we will count you in the training.

So don't hesitate and reserve your place!


LITOMĚŘICE Social Ride Bike&Skates

Start and finish point: Krajská 293, 412 01 Litoměřice

Start date and time: 25 July at 10:00 am

Capacity: 50 people

Route: approx. 90 km, up to 1000 m elevation gain

Details of the route: it will take place between the most famous hills of the Bohemian Central Highlands. Radobýl, Lovoš, Milešovka, Hazimburk, Říp and return at the end to pedal just along the Elbe along the Elbe cycleway.

Information about the event: Parking U Hvězdárny, meeting at 9am for morning coffee and refreshments. If you are interested in breakfast, you need to order it in advance. It is possible to arrange a nice place for lunch in the hills of the Bohemian Central Highlands after the climbed km and after lunch downhill.

Technical info: toilets Bike&Skates shop directly at the organizer. Free parking right in front of the B&S shop, all at the same address. Training finish directly at the swimming pool, so swimsuits with you.

Training is at the own risk of all participants in full traffic.


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Start and finish point: HARFASPORT shop, Českomoravská 41, Prague 9

Start date and time: 28 July at 16:30

Start date and time: 11 August at 16:30

Capacity: 20 people

Route: 2 - 2,5 hours ride, during which we will ride a circuit of about 60 - 70 km.

Details of the route: the ride is led by one of the experts and cycling enthusiasts from HARFASPORT, who will advise you on the selection of the entire cycling range - bicycles, cycling clothing, trunks, helmets, and other accessories if necessary. You ride from the shop and usually go to the Italian in Tuchoměřice for a great beer and prosciutto.


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BRNO Social Ride

Start and finish point: Družstevní 21, 621 00 Brno-Řečkovice

Start date and time: 1 August at 16:30, meeting at 9:30 a.m. and coffee in the club sports hall

Capacity: 12 people

Route: 50km (with possibility to extend to Olomučany, Rudice, Jedovnice) ideally arrangement on the spot

Details of the route: here...

Technical info: showers and changing rooms are possible (you just need to buy a ticket for the pool). Ideal option of an active regeneration after the ride. Bikes will be locked behind the gate before and after the event. Parking on site or in the surrounding area.



Start and finish point: Kola Číhal shop, Staré město u Uherského Hradiště, nám. Hrdinů 264, 686 03

Start date and time: 4 August at 17:00

Capacity: 12 people

Route: 50-60km, average approx. 30 km/h

Technical info: free parking in front of the shop. Changing, toilet, etc. are in the premises where the shop is located. Shower only cold.


KRNOV Social Ride 

Start and finish point: Krnov, Bezručova 2314/29, 79401

Start date and time: 15 August at 10:00 a.m., meeting at 9:30 Penzion ESO, return at approx. 14:30

Capacity: 12 people

Route: 97km, elevation gain 916m

Details of the route: there are two stages to compete for during the ride, a climbing and a sprinter's one, participation is not compulsory (those who don't want to race just follow the others in the pack).
Link to previous rides:

Technical info: free parking at the guesthouse, a possibility of showering in the sports hall near a primary school (about 120m from the guesthouse)


BRNO Social Ride 

Start and finish point: Renneská třída 787/1a, 639 00 Brno

Start date and time: 22 August at 11:00 a.m., meeting at 11:00 at BKOM - opposite RONDA

Capacity: 12 people

Route: 70-110km at a comfortable pace of around 28 - 30 km/h.

Technical info: changing rooms and showers are not available, parking is possible in the surrounding streets e.g. parking lot of the intersection Nové Sady x Křídlovická



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