Bootcamp is a training program...

...and an open community of cyclists, to which we will be happy to welcome you. Regular trainings and rides, workshops and training camps with the participation of ambassadors, state-of-the-art training procedures and methods.

Life is better in peloton!

It doesn't matter if you ride your first bike with rams or you ride a few thousand kilometers every year. We believe that everyone will get their money's worth. Bootcamp is not a training drill, it is showing the possibilities that current technologies offer to each of us. But most of all, it's about people, riding together in a pack and sitting down with a beer /coffee after a good run.

Bootcamp works as a club. After paying for the membership, you will receive a stamped package, the value of which far exceeds the amount paid, and the opportunity to participate in all events. Participation in most of them is free, at multi-day camps you pay for travel, accommodation and meals, the program is included.

We will publish the price and the exact breakdown of what the membership contains after launching the registration for L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France.

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What does the bootcamp membership include?

SUPERB members package

The package includes basics that every cyclist should go through - lactate treshold testing and bike fitting. Additionally, you will get club clothes, programme of the team rides, access to the training camps and a lot more. 

rides, training camps and trips

As part of the Bootcamp, we will organize regular rides across Czech Republic, minimum 4 training camps and we are also planning a special trip to the legendary Tour de France places.


Members will be your foundation.  During workshops, you will not only get support from sport psychologists but also your coaches, who will advise you on riding techniques such as riding in the middle of the peloton.  Bootcamp team will have your back until your day D. 

members package 8 990,- KČ
(real value over 20 000,- KČ)

  • ORIGINal L'Etape long jersey (1 990,-)
  • app subscription for MONITORING VARIABILITY of your heart frequency (3 300,-)
  • lactate treshold testing (2 500,-)
  • BIKE FITTING (4 000,-)
  • CYcling presents and exclusive offers from our bootcamp partners
  • program of rides & camps 


Tour de France is simply a notional peak of the cycling world. I am glad that I can be the ambassador of l'Etape Czech Republic, which will deliver the unique atmosphere of the race to Czechia.


For the Bootcamp registration, please fill in the form below. We will contact you with further information. 

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