Unique project l'Etape by Tour de France is heading to Czech Republic in 2021

The Czech Republic can look forward to a sensational cycling experience. On Saturday, 5th of June 2021; Prague, along with the Central Bohemian Region, will be hosting the project l'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France. A series of amateur cycling races, that will allow participants to experience the unique atmosphere of Tour de France; making its way to the Central European Region for the very first time, thanks to the Petr Čech Sport agency.

The event is currently only organized in a few selected countries across the world; specifically in Australia, South America, and Europe (France, Great Brittain, Switzerland, Spain). These events are attended by tens of thousands of participants at all levels of proficiency.

The prestigious festival, under the umbrella of one of the world's most esteemed sporting events in history, will allow passionate sportsmen to have a taste of the world of professional cycling, whilst availing in the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive weekend for themselves and their loved ones. Authentic props and scenery from the grand race, attendance of the TOP cycling stars, and a festival of sport with massive media attention. That is L'Etape by Tour de France in the hands of cycling specialists from Petr Čech Sport.

"I am happy we were able to attain this event for the Czech Republic. Tour de France logically guards their brand and carefully handpicks their partners. The negotiations were quite lengthy. The main reasoning behind presenting us with the license has, in the end, been based on experience and a large portfolio of previously organized events. The Petr Čech Sport agency can boast an ever-growing series of cycling races in "Kolo pro život", cross-country skiing "Stopa pro život" and kid-oriented cycling clubs, with a myriad of other events for the public. In terms of the Sport Invest group, the experiences can be expanded to marketing and business coverage of events such as the alpine skiing World Championship in Špindlerův Mlýn, canoe World Championship in Račice, or the European rowing Championship. It is precisely quality assurance that comes as a key priority for a brand the type of Tour de France," explained David Trávníček, the statutory director of Petr Čech Sport, and chairman of the board at Sport Invest Marketing.

The race itself will take place on the 5th of June, 2021. The basis will consist of two race routes for cyclists of all performance levels - the more difficult of the two will offer competitors a ride of 130 kilometers, whilst the shorter will take cyclists on a 90-kilometer circuit. "The start of the race will take place in Prague, the majority of the route will follow alongside the most beautiful locations of the Central Bohemian Region," stated Přemysl Novák, chief of the organizational team of the Petr Čech Sport agency, who likewise outlined the complexity of the organizational undertaking "The way we are approaching this project is as a year-round affair, with the final race and cycling festival representing the final peak. Plenty of events have been planned to aid the growth of cycling and sporting itself. With the help of L'Etape, we want to showcase cycling as the ideal variant of spending time together, where entertainment meets a healthy lifestyle and even efforts to conserve nature. One of the accompanying programs will be a so-called Bootcamp, spanning across multiple months, thanks to which all participants get a chance to prepare for the race alongside professionals, who will be sharing their tips and personal experiences."

Two prominent Czech figures have stepped forward as the ambassadors of the project - three-time Olympic champion in speedskating and a passionate cyclist, Martina Sáblíková, along with an elite Czech cyclist Zdeněk Štybar; Tour de France stage winner.

"When I was approached with the offer to collaborate on this project, I accepted without hesitation. I love cycling, it is not only a complementary sport but a lifelong passion. I regularly watch Tour de France, all the riders in a peloton have my full admiration. I know very well, how painful this sport can be. I have already tried out a perfectly organized race series in the form of Kolo Pro Život, so I am looking forward to a new experience. If my schedule allows me to, I would certainly love to be present at the start. The routes will lead through beautiful locations, plus it is not every day that you get to compete under the Tour de France name. Sadly, due to not being completely aware of my schedule, I cannot fully confirm my attendance, but it a desire of mine," stated Martina Sáblíková.

In a similar manner, Zdeněk Štybar added "Tour de France is simply a notional peak of the cycling world. It is a milestone. It is also immense work and pain. At the same time, an unbelievable atmosphere and immersive energy. The memories are still alive, Tour just simply gets under one's skin. Just like Martina, I am yet to assemble my program for 2021, but this is an event I will have in both my diary and my head."

Those interested in participating in the prestigious cycling event, l'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France, should not hesitate. The presale of vouchers for the race, which will take place on the 5th of June 2021 in Prague, is starting August 21st, exclusively for the readers of IDNES Premium. On Monday, the 24th of August, the gates will open to all cycling enthusiasts on the Ticketportal website.

"In the first stage, we will be offering 500 exclusive spots for each of the race routes. Potential competitors can acquire a voucher early this way, and subsequently, use it in the process of registration; which will officially launch on the website on the 14th of September," explains Novák. "Those who purchase a voucher, have a guaranteed spot in the race. Nevertheless, the validity of the voucher is limited to late February 2021," adds Novák. 

The first wave of entry fees offers the shorter route at 1690,- CZK, and the longer at 1990,- CZK. Following the sale of the first 1000 spots, the price will rise up to 2090,- CZK and 2490,- CZK respectively. As part of the starting package, apart from refreshments, you will receive valuable gifts from the partners of the event.


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