Every year we create an official jersey in cooperation with our race partner Kalas sportswear. This year is special because there are two jerseys, because there are two stages planned. The traditional Hill Climb with start and finish in Strahov, leading through the villages and valleys of Berounsko and Křivoklátska, and the Mountain Climb, which starts and finishes in Prachatice and leads through the landscape of Šumava and Blansko Forest. The design changes every year and we try to alternate between a more expressive colour scheme and a subtle approach. Each time there is a story behind the design. This is also true for this year.

The observant viewer will have noticed that the design of the jerseys is based on the graphic visual that we first used when we unveiled the routes for this year's races last November.


The scene of the iconic ventilation towers of the Strahov Tunnel, created by visual artist Jan "Kolouch" Šrámek, was complemented by the spectrum of colours of the sunrise in the background, reflecting the atmosphere of Saturday morning at the opening of the L'Etape village, before the racers of the Long Route, which always starts first in the order, begin to flock to the area. We decided to reflect the uniqueness of this moment in this year's jersey in the form of the colour spectrum of the sunrise.

For the design of the Mountain Stage jersey, we were inspired by a photo that was taken during the first photo shoot at the race site, specifically just below the top of Klet' mountain. It was taken by Jakub Kopecký and shows the horizons of Šumava.


It is the Šumava horizons complemented by the spectrum of sunset colours that form the basis of the jersey design. This is because the Mountain Stage will start at one o'clock after noon, so the riders will reach the finish in the late afternoon, when the shadows lengthen and the colours turn golden.

The imaginary combination of the two designs creates the nirvana of every cycling lover, which can be described as "cycling all day" or "RIDING from dawn to dusk". Those who have experienced it know what we are talking about.

The jerseys can be ordered until 28th April in the e-shop. Stylish cycling caps are also on sale.

Delivery will take place at the beginning of June.

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