The Medium route is sold out! The L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France boasts a European record.

The third edition of the L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France has claimed a European first! Even though there are more than three months to go until 10 June, when cyclists will tackle the kilometres of the biggest domestic race for amateurs, the 103-kilometre-long Medium route is already sold out. Less than 30 places remain available on the Long route (143 kilometres). Huge interest from cyclists has earned L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France 2023 an exceptional entry.

"We are delighted with the huge interest of cycling fans and we appreciate every single one of them," says Přemysl Novák, CEO of the L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France 2023 project. "We see the extraordinary number of entries as a legacy of the previous two editions, which, according to references and current interest, were successful. We also have a lot of new participants in the start list. Therefore, we will aim to make the third edition even better, more fun, and more attractive," assures Tomáš Pravenec, head of the organising agency Petr Čech Sport.

The fact that the capacity of 1500 seats for the Medium route was sold out more than three months before the race testifies to the uniqueness of the whole event. For the Long route, the limit of participants was set at 500 cyclists and there are fewer than thirty starting numbers available.

Thus, the Short route remains available for 10 June 2023. With a length of 65 kilometres and an elevation gain of more than 600 metres, no one should consider participation demotivating, as it will be a proper test of performance. There are still over 400 places remaining.

"The limits for participation on each route are set by an agreement with the Czech Police due to the permeability of the route," emphasizes the project's head Přemysl Novák, that the number of 1000/1500/500 cyclists starting in each route has its reasons.

"The capacity of the facilities in Strahov, where the number of three thousand cyclists is the maximum limit in terms of parking and logistics, is also crucial," says Přemysl Novák, who points out that accommodating more cyclists, including escorts at the starting and finishing area would be difficult.

Holders of vouchers can, of course, remain calm. If someone has received participation in L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France 2023 as a gift for Christmas, on their birthday, or another occasion, he/she does not need to panic. The vouchers will continue to work. For capacity reasons, the only thing that will be discontinued is the option to register by card.

The huge interest of cycling enthusiasts in the L'Etape Czech Republic in Tour de France 2023 has earned the organisers an exceptional distinction. The domestic version of the race, organised under the auspices of the A.S.O., is the largest in Europe in terms of entries, except for L'Etape du Tour, which is not part of the L'Etape by Tour de France series!

"From the side of the cyclists' eager for an experience in the Czech version of the race, it is a tribute to every member of the organising team, from the volunteers at the track to the hostesses providing service at Strahov," says Přemysl Novák.

The first place in the world in terms of the number of participants in the L'Etape by Tour de France series is occupied by Malaysia, the second position is occupied by Brazil, and then by the Czech race. "The goal for the future is to get to the first position. In terms of quality and experience, I believe this is a realistic plan," says Tomáš Pravenec, head of the organising agency Petr Čech Sport.

The recent launch of the L'Etape Femmes project has been reflected in the interest of women, whose number has risen to eight percent compared to previous editions, with the representation of the fairer sex on the Short route even at 22 percent.

"The purpose of the shortest version of the race is being fulfilled, through which we wanted to give women and girls the space to experience the atmosphere of the L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France on a closed route, without having to struggle with doubts about whether they can complete the race. Just like many of the newcomers who have just registered for the sixty-five-kilometre route," says Přemysl Novák.

Just like last year or during the first edition in 2021, the largest number of foreign cyclists will be from Slovakia, eighty cyclists to be exact. The second largest representation will be from Great Britain. Eleven cyclists will come from the country of the 2023 edition's ambassador, Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins. In total, at least 148 foreign riders from 26 countries will be represented on the start list. Other riders who will be at the start will be representing countries such as Japan, Tunis, India, Peru, and Ecuador which recently celebrated a Grand Tour victory after Richard Carapaz's success at the Giro di Italia.

According to the currently registered cyclists, the average age of the male part of the peloton is 42 years old, while the female part of the peloton has an average age of 39 years old. "We are also pleased that we are getting riders from the regions. In the past, the representation of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region was over sixty percent. This year, fifty percent of the peloton is already occupied by cyclists from other regions," says the head of the project, Přemysl Novák, who is pleased with the interest of cyclists in the L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France 2023 across the country.

The L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France 2023 will be held on 10 June. The start of the Short, Medium and Long routes is from Strahov and will take cyclists to the west of the capital towards Lány, to the Berounka River, and the Křivoklát Castle.

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