We are glad that L'Etape Czech Republic appeals to and also attracts female riders. Holky na Kole (in translation Girls on bikes) team is preparing for the L’Etape Czech Republic and we are happy to support this process. More in the article itself:

Three, two, one, start! We will probably hear this command when we are lined up at the starting line and our hands are on the handlebars of our beloved bikes. Neither of us would have thought a year ago that one day we would race together as one team under the name Holky na kole!

Sure, i tis still an amateur racing, but we think that just in hobby racing, the passion for things is often greater. It is really a big satisfaction that someone will allow the hobby riders to take advantage of its regular rides and feel the atmosphere similar to the Tour de France race.

Overcoming personal limits, adventure, freedom, joy and pain. Enormous energy and a feeling of exhaustion, unrepeatable moments, meetings, mutual support, but also a chat over a coffee and a cake. It is road cycling that is the passion that has brought us together and created a community of girls who perceive it in the same way.


Recently, thanks to the pandemic, our view of freedom has changed significantly. This situation also affected us. It made it impossible for us to meet and organize joint events as we would like. We were going for a bike stay to Olomouc and Brno to meet our local ambassadors and go for a ride around other parts of the Czech Republic. However, we hope that no one will take the bike as an individual form of transport, a short-distance helper and an instrument of our freedom, and this year we will take part in the 1st year of the L’Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France as the Holky na Kole team.


he L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France race is an opportunity to become Sagan, Froom or Contador for one day. It's a race for a Yellow Jersey, 126.4 or 87.5 kilometers long. There are mountain and sprint competitions for a Green and Polka dot Jersey. But it can also be a relaxing ride. It's up to you how you handle it. We have a medal for everyone who finishes. Start and finish is in Prague, routes leading along closed roads of the beautiful Křivoklát region, Beroun region and the Czech Karst.


The next stage of life will start for Holky na Kole on June 5th! We set off on a 87.5 km long route. For some of us, racing will be a premiere, but we believe we can do it together. Even girls have a chance to pass the racing stage! Our goal is not to win mountain or sprint competition, but to enjoy the race as a girls' team. At the beginning of a spring, we will start training rides and we will prepare for the race together and learn how to allocate our strengths so that we can successfully reach the finish line. We will gradually introduce the team members on our Instagram @holkynakolevpraze.


In the end, that's why we have one challenge for all the girls who ride the bike: "Girls, join us and let's work together to create the largest women's team in the history of L’Etape!"


Register as Holky na Kole team by the end of April and get a 20% discount on the entry fee! For more information write an email to us.

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