The L'Etape Czech Republic 2023 - news and opening of registration

Memories from the second edition have not had time to sink in yet. The (un)satisfaction questionnaire is filling up with responses from participants, and so far, more than 90% are satisfied. We, in the organising team, are starting to work hard on the 2023 edition of the race. Our goal is to make L'Etape Czech Republic a little better again, attract more racers, and involve even more fans in the villages. 

This perfect mix, i. e., a combination of incredible physical performance of every single participant and the positive energy transmitted by the cheering spectators along the course, is just breathtaking and something that incredibly motivates us to continue our work. 

To be able to fulfill the above-described goals, we are coming up with a few innovations: 

1. We are adding a 3rd route 

Short, Medium, Long. 66, 106, and 146 kilometers. Roughly there will be the distances of each route. The riders will climb 700, 1,200 or 1,800 metres. The time limit for completion will be set to 18, 22, and 30 km/h.

We aim to allow competitors of different performance categories to start on the Short and Medium Routes. On the other hand, on the Long Route, it will be necessary to have some experience and train systematically. 

2. Capacity limits for each route

Along with the new routes, we are also introducing capacity limits for the individual routes. This year we have tested that the Strahov area can accommodate more than 2,300 competitors and their escorts, and there is still some space left. We estimate the limit for comfortable check-in to be around 3,000 competitors, so we have set the individual capacities as follows: 

Short route - 1 000 participants
Medium route - 1 500 participants
Long route - 500 participants

3. Qualification for registration for the Long Route

To register for the Long Route, you will need to meet specific parameters, namely a result from the L'Etape Czech Republic 2021 or 2022 with an average speed higher than 30 km/h. Registration will be open to both competitors from the Short Route and those who have completed the Long Route in previous years. However, a maximum capacity of 500 participants still applies, and as the organiser, we reserve the right to reserve 50 places for the award of wild cards. 

If a person who has not participated in any of the previous editions wishes to apply for the Long Route, he/she can apply for qualification by providing relevant results from specific races. 

Competitors who own an ELITE license may also apply for the Long Course race. They will not be allowed to register for the Medium and Short routes. 

Participants of the Long Route will be provided with professional numbers on their jerseys and saddlebag. 

4. Registration for the Short Route is possible from the age of 15 

By adding a 66 km route, we are extending the possibility of registration of young competitors from the age of 15. 

5. Changes in the team competition

The team competition will also undergo a significant change. Team members will now also compete in the individual classification. We are also setting the exact number of team members at 5. In addition, everyone must compete in identical jerseys. The time of the 4th team member at the finish will count as the team result. 

We are also planning other innovations which you can look forward to. We are also carefully evaluating the answers to the questionnaire and your reactions on social media. 

We're also planning numerous preparation events, whether it is our popular social rides, weekend camps, or winter warm-ups. 

Registration openning today!

But the most important information is the launch of registration for the 2023 edition, which opens today at 4 pm for FOUNDERS club members (first-year participants) as well as for this year's participants!

Full information can be found in the email inbox of both groups mentioned above. Registration will open for new entrants on July 1 with the start of the Tour de France.  

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