L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France will take place in August

L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France was moved by a decision of the organizing committee to a new date - Saturday, August 28, 2021. "We moved the date due to persistent restrictions on organizing sporting events and uncertain developments in the weeks to come. At the same time, we have been saying from the beginning that the event is not only a unique race, but above all a cycling festival and a celebration of sport as such. We would like to present the event in its full potential. And we firmly believe that August will allow us to do this." commented David Trávníček, the head of the organizing agency Petr Čech Sport. "It is appropriate to thank all partners for understanding and cooperation, as well as local governments, the police and other organizational units for their efforts and willingness to find the best possible solution." 

More than 1,700 sports enthusiasts who have secured their entry fee by the end of April will be able to start without any restrictions on the August date or will have their money paid back. "Our basic motto is fair play. And this means both the race itself and the organization and communication of the whole event. We are excited about how many people have already registered for the event by purchasing the entry fee and how many others are thinking about this possibility. The first step after the date change is complete transparency in using the entry fee or the possibility of its return, "said project manager Přemysl Novák. 

"For all participants and supporters of the event, we have prepared a basic overview of possible questions and answers, there is a customer line and, of course, social networks with live interaction. We are ready to accommodate each participant. Our goal is not a one-time event, but building a long-term relationship with the project for all lovers of cycling. "

The organizers also find positives on the new date. "Towards the original June date, a tremendous amount of work was done by many people, as well as a lot of training of the participants. But I believe that the August date can open the race to those who, for various reasons, could not participate in June.

Spring and summer weather can draw other potential participants into the training, the motivational role can also be played by the Tour de France itself, which takes place from June 26th to July 18th, "outlined Novák, who added towards the purchase of entry fees: " With the new date of the event the price will remain at 2990 CZK (long route) and 2590 CZK (short route) until end of July. The interest in the race pleasantly surprised us from the beginning and I firmly believe that in the end the number of participants will attack 2,500 participants. "

The organizers are not considering a further postponement of the date to the later months of 2021. "We will now focus all our efforts on the smooth organization of the August date. Of course, we cannot influence all variables and we will be ready to respond to the momentary epidemic situation and regulations in place. At the moment, we cannot strictly rule out that the race would take place in modified conditions, after all, we tried different procedures last season during the races of the Kolo pro Život series. However, the priority is to organize the event to the maximum extent possible. If the organization of sports events as a whole will not be possible in August, the race would be postponed to 2022, "concluded Přemysl Novák.

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