Everything you need to know about online check-in process

All riders registered by Friday, April 1, received a unique link to the CHECK-IN form in their email. In this article, we will go through the process step-by-step, so you know what to do. 

Please note: racers who register for the race on or after April 4 already have the check-in form included in the registration itself.


In this step, the information that the competitor has already provided in the registration is already pre-filled. Basic data such as name, gender, and date of birth cannot be edited. Nevertheless, other data can be changed. At this point, it is important to mention the possibility of changing the address, as it is possible to have the race number and the entire race bib sent FREE of charge to the address entered (the actual choice can be made in step 2).

It is also possible to change whether the competitor will participate in the individual or team classification. Just like last year, competitors riding as part of a team CANNOT compete in the individual classification. If you are not sure exactly what this means, please refer to the Team Competition Rules.


Sending/Collecting the Rider's Bib

The first question allows you to choose how you want to deliver the rider's bib. Our partner, ZASILKOVNA, will take care of the delivery and will deliver the package to your home during the second half of May. We strongly recommend this option! The second is to pick up your bib only on Friday before the race. The collection of the bib will not be possible on the day of the race. 

It may seem from the above that we don't want you to show up at Strahov on Friday - but the opposite is the truth! We are planning a packed programme for you on Friday afternoon, including a meet&greet and riders briefing with Tour de France winner Andy Schleck. You will also be able to buy a new cycling outfit or taste real french cuisine at the French market and much more. So instead of queuing for a race number, come and enjoy the programme at Strahov and get in the mood for Saturday's race!

Position at the start

The next questions are about your expected average speed and your approach to the race. Based on this (and last year's results), we will place you in the appropriate starting corridor.

Pasta party

The next question is about ordering food for the post-race pasta party. This year, we will be hosting a mega-feast in Strahov's canteen where you will refuel your body (and soul) with carbs after the intense race. 


Accommodation partners
This year we have arranged two discounted accommodation options for the competitors: the first one is the luxurious Marriott Prague hotel in the centre city of Prague. The second option is the equally excellent Lindner Prague Castle hotel located just under 1 kilometre from the start line. Full info and prices here...

Gallery Hotel Marriott

Gallery Hotel Lindner

Health care & insurance SPORTHELP

SPORTHELP is a comprehensive care company offering a wide range of services from accident insurance to health care and other sports treatments to athletes. You can choose between a 3-day and an 8-day option. The shorter variant costs 290 CZK and the longer one 370 CZK. See the pictures below to see what all this product includes.

Parking in Strahov

Last year, we noticed that the Strahov area is not inflatable, and if all the riders come with their cars, it is a problem. Hence why we are introducing paid parking to motivate you to arrange to carpool to the race. The parking price is 200 CZK per car, and we limited the spaces to 600 cars. If you wish to use the car park in Strahov, we recommend you to fill in this part of the form as you will not find any parking spaces near the start line on the race day.


VIP hospitality

If you want to treat yourself or your loved ones, there is an option in the form to order entry to the VIP zone for CZK 3,000 per person.

Foot massage at the finish

SPORTHELP physiotherapists will take care of shaking your tired thighs and calves at the finish line.


Men's and women's T-shirts

High-quality organic cotton t-shirts with the #I'minbalik slogan on the front and the race logo on the back of the neck. The black shirt has the inscription in 3D rubberised print, on the grey shirt this inscription is reflective. Price 849 CZK. Available in both men's and women's sizing and cuts. Delivery is part of the race bib.

Keychain #jsemvbaliku

Limited edition of 100 pieces of original keychain made of quality two-tone Italian leather with the hashtag #jsemvbaliku stamped on it. Price 239 CZK. Delivery is part of your race bib.


If you have not ordered anything as part of the process, you will not see this step. If you have, you need to complete the process with a successful card payment.


At the end of the process, there is a sweet reward - a UNIQUE RACER CARD that you can download to your mobile phone and keep all the important information with you at all times. It will also keep you updated with any changes and other important announcements.

The card can be downloaded to both iOS and Android directly from the thank you page via a link or QR code. Alternatively, the link will also be sent to your email after you fill it in.

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