POSTPONEMENT: Questions & Answers

Why was the event rescheduled?
We moved the date because of persisting restrictions on the organization of sport events and the uncertain development of this issue in the coming weeks. At the same time, we have been saying from the beginning that the event is not only a unique race, but above all a cycling festival and a celebration of sport as such. We would like to present the event in its full potential. And we firmly believe that August will allow us to do so.

Why didn't you announce this change earlier?
We made every effort to carry out the event in the original June date - a great deal of work was done towards this goal. Due to the persisting unclear epidemiological situation, we informed a month ago that a an option of the August replacement date exists, and that the end of April will be the last chance to change the date. A later date for announcing the change would entail a large amount of costs, an earlier date would negate our attempt to carry out the action on the original date.

What should I do if I am signed up for the race but cannot attend on the new date?
Write to us as soon as possible at with a request to refund the entry fee. Be sure to include the account number to which you would like the refund to be sent to. As a reason for unsubscribing, state the change of date.

What should I do if I am registered but do not yet know if I will be able to participate in the race at the new date?
You can request a free refund of the entry fee no later than 30 days before the valid date of the race.

An illness or unscheduled work duties will prevent me from participating in the project one week before the event. Am I entitled to a refund of the entry fee?
The last day for the possibility of requesting a return of the entry fee is 30 days to the event (ie July 29, 2021). However, after this date, it is possible to transfer the entry fee to another friend / enthusiast in cooperation with our colleagues on the customer service line / e-mail.

I am registered for the original date and I want to go in the new date as well. Is there anything you need to do?
You don't have to do anything. We will automatically transfer your registration to a new date. And, of course, you should start training.

I am signed up for the race and looking for accommodation for a race weekend. Can you help me please?
In this case, please wait. We will soon present a special offer for registered participants. You will find the information in your email.

I train like crazy and I would like to change from a short route to a long one. Possible?
It is of course possible. Just write us an e-mail and pay the difference in price.

I would like to switch from a long route to a short one. Possible?
It is possible - the ideal option is to agree on a procedure with colleagues on an information e-mail.

What about the entry fee?
Our current business conditions apply, the reported price development is of course shifted together with the date of the event. Currently, the entry fee is sold for the basic price of CZK 2,590 for a short route and CZK 2,990 for a long route. We will keep this price until the end of July, then the entry fee will increase again by CZK 500.

How many people are registered and is there a cap on the number of participants?
More than 1,700 people are currently registered, and the official possible limitation on the number of participants by the organizers or responsible authorities is not currently available. We believe in the participation of about 2500 cyclists.

Will the routes change in any way?
We do not anticipate changes to the planned routes, but we cannot even exclude them due to the planned reconstructions of roads. We are in contact with all municipalities and other cooperating parties (Police of the Czech Republic, Central Bohemia, etc.) and we will inform about any changes in advance.

Is August 28th  the final date of the race?
We believe so. We will now focus all our efforts on the smooth organization of the August deadline. Of course, we cannot influence all variables and we will be ready to respond to the epidemic situation and related measures that can play a role. At the moment, we cannot strictly rule out that the race would take place in modified conditions, after all, we tried different procedures last season during the races of the Kolo pro Život series. However, the priority is to organize the event to the maximum extent possible. If it will not be possible to organize sports events in August as well, the race would be postponed to 2022.

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