With a little over a month to go until the start of L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France 2023, it's that time we asked you - the participants - for more detailed information about your participation in the race.

As of now, everyone who has registered for the race by 03/05 has received a unique link in their email inbox that will redirect them to the CHECK-IN 2023 form. Racers who register on or after 04/05 already have the check-in form included in the registration itself.

Please note: You have time until midnight on Sunday, 17 May, to complete the form


Check the data entered in the registration form

In the first part of this step, everyone can check the information they entered in the registration and edit it if necessary. We recommend that you double-check your address, especially those of you who choose to have your race bib delivered during the week before the race via the Parcel Service at the following step.

Team competition

The following question is regarding your team name for the team competition. Please note that a team consists of exactly 5 members (no more, no less), and you must wear identical jerseys! This year, each team member will also be included in the final results of the individual competition, which is new compared to the previous two years. The team's ranking will be determined according to the time of the 4th team member. More in the regulations...

OPEN category for elite UCI license holders

Another new regulation is the introduction of the OPEN category on the Long Route, which automatically includes holders of the elite UCI license and all those who voluntarily registered in this category. Competitors in this category will not be included in the results for the yellow, green, polka dot, and white jersey competitions or the team competition.


Sending/picking up your starter pack

The very first question allows you to choose how you want your race bib to be delivered. The mailing is handled by ZASILKOVNA, which will deliver the package to your address the week before the race (your address can be changed in the previous step). Delivery of the package costs 100 CZK and is available only in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We strongly recommend this option, because the second option is to pick up the package on Friday before the race. 

It may seem that we don't want you to show up at Strahov on Friday - but this statement couldn't be farther from the truth! We are planning a rich accompanying programme for Friday. So instead of standing in line for your starting number, come and enjoy the rich programme we are preparing at Strahov and tune in to Saturday's race!

Selection of food for the pasta party

The second question is about ordering food for the pasta party after the race. As always, this meal is focused on replenishing quality carbohydrates after the race will take place in the Strahov canteen. The menu includes:

  • Spaghetti Bolognese with meat
  • Gnocchi with chicken, spinach, and cream
  • Penne with tomatoes, zucchini, and parmesan
  • Spaghetti with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil
Expected average speed in the race

The next question asks for your expected average speed. For competitors who have not competed in previous editions, this will be one of the parameters for correct placement at the start. Racers who have participated in the past will be ranked according to their previous results and the time they filled out the entry form.

Weather forecast and the power of positivity

Last year we included a weather order in the check-in form. At that time, most of the participants wanted partly cloudy skies and a temperature of around 24°C. And it worked out almost perfectly! That's why this year we're not taking any risks and leaving the weather choice up to each of you ;-).


None of these paid services are mandatory, but each can take the event experience to the next level.

Parking on Saturday at Strahov (200 CZK Saturday, 400 CZK weekend for motorhomes and caravans).

The venue is not inflatable and if every competitor arrives in their car, that's a problem. For this reason, we have introduced a parking fee to motivate you to arrange carpooling. The cost of parking is 200 CZK per car - the number of spaces is limited to 800 cars, we recommend not hesitating too much to fill in the form. Primarily, we will be placing vehicles in Parking P1 and P2. The parking lot on Chodecká Street is also reserved.

Rehab zone + SportHelp membership (499 CZK)

A unique package for racers that includes:

  • services in the rehab zone (massages, taping - before and after the race)
  • SportHelp membership for 4 days (including accident insurance) + one month of health care. More information about what this service includes can be found in this article...
Photo package from Sportograf (449 CZK)

The services of the professional agency Sportograf have been very successful for us, so this year we are extending our cooperation even further. Sportograf will bring 2x more photo printers (8). Within a few days after the event, you can download a package of your photos from the race route. You can purchase the package, or even a single photo after the race. Nevertheless, if you do so in advance and subscribe to the package, you will save 50 CZK.

VIP Hospitality

If you want to treat yourself or your loved ones with the proper comfort, there is an option on the form to order entry to the VIP zone for 3,000 CZK per person.

GPS tracking Follow me

If you want your friends and fans to know where you are on the track and how you're doing, then Follow me is for you! It works via an active GPS chip that is loaned to you in the village before the race against a refundable deposit. After the race starts, we will post a unique link where the GPS tracking will go live. You can see what it looks like in practice here...


In the last step, you can up your style with our designer pieces. Whether it is t-shirts, hats or hoodies, or cool (and lightweight) bidons.


If you haven't ordered anything throughout the check-in process, you will not pay anything, and you will complete the check-in process straight away. Otherwise, the system will prompt you to pay via the payment gateway.

If you have downloaded the racer's card on your mobile phone, the data entered in the check-in form will be overwritten into the card. If you haven't downloaded the card, download it via the link or QR code displayed. It will come in handy.


If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our info line at +420 731 907 593 or email

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