Frequently asked questions (faq)

Registration and Payment

Participation in the l'Etape Czech Republic is open to everyone older than 15 years old. Competition categories can be found in the race regulations. Just fill in the race registration on this website and pay the entry fee. 

The only difference is in the distance and the number of measured segments of mountain and sprint bonuses. 

Competitors will start the routes separately. The Long Route race will start first at 9:30 a.m., the Medium route will start at 10:40 a.m., and the Short Route race will start at 11:50 a.m.

Yes! Registration of a team member is done by entering the team name in the appropriate box in the registration form.The number of members in the team is exactly five and the members must wear identical jerseys. Team categories include men's teams, women's teams and mix teams. Team standings are determined by the time of the 4th competitor at the finish line. For MIX teams, at least one member in positions 1 - 4 must be of the opposite sex to the rest of the team.

No, it's not. The voucher contains a code that works as a 100% discount on the entry fee for the respective route. It is necessary for the recipient to go through the race registration process and fill in the complete details. In the last 4th step of the registration process, there is an option to enter the code from the voucher to "cash out" the registration and then complete with zero payment.

Vouchers could be purchased on, or individually with payment by bank transfer.  

On-line registration is open on the race website until Thursday 8 June at 20.00.

On-site registration will only be available on Friday, June 9, from 3 to 8 p.m. at the L'Etape Village INFO CENTRE tent. The price for on-site registration is 4 990 CZK. Payment is only possible by credit card.

Complementary and recommended gear

Compulsory equipment is a properly fastened bicycle helmet, bike with road handlebars and tires about maximum width of 35mm.

The race cannot be completed with a time trial/triathlon handlebar.

Starting number and rider's bib

The rider's bib will be available to pick-up in the PREZENCE tent located behind the entrance to the L'Etape village in Strahov on Friday 9 June from 15.00 to 20.00.

To pick up the rider's bib on Saturday, June 10 from 8.00 am to 30 minutes before the start of the race on the given route, you must register in advance by email to This is due to limited capacity.

All competitors registered by 17 May 2023 had the option to have their start package delivered to their address. This option could be selected either at registration or in the subsequent check-in process. All those who registered after this date or did not fill in the additional check-in form must pick up the package at Strahov, primarily on Friday 10 June from 15.00 to 20.00.

Please email us as soon as possible at to request to pick up your packet on the Saturday before the race. This is a limited capacity option and therefore you must sign up for a pick-up this far in advance. The packet drop for each route closes 30 minutes before the start of the race. 

All undelivered packages will be returned to us and can be picked up at the L'Etape village in Strahov on Friday 9 June from 15.00 to 20.00 or on Saturday 10 June, no later than half an hour before the start of the race on the given route. 

Competitors on the Long Route:

The start number for the long route is glued to the lower back and the hard plastic plate with the chip is then attached with a special holder (not included in the package) or tightening straps to the saddlebag or rear seatpost.

Riders on the Medium and Short Trail:

The start number is attached to the front of the handlebars using the included plastic pull-tabs. The number must not be bent or folded for proper functionality.

The correct placement of the sticker on the seat tube is illustrated on the sticker itself.

Organisational guidlines

Friday 9. 6.

On Friday from 15.00 Vaníčkova Street will no longer be passable for passenger traffic. It is recommended to arrive in the direction of Bělohorská Street from Břevnov (from Malovanka) and park in the car park P1, where parking will be organised by designated staff. In no case park at the bus stop by the village of L`Etape.

Saturday 10. 6.

Due to the limited capacity of Strahov, we have introduced paid parking, which could be purchased as part of the registration process, check-in or at the attendance booth on Friday. The card must be visibly hung on the inside rear view mirror upon arrival.

Parking P1 - this is for those who have paid for parking in advance and will be carrying the parking card they received with their start number. Access to this car park is recommended from Bělohorské Street in the local part of Malovanka. From Smichov, access will be possible only until 9:30, when Atletická Street is still passable.

Parking P2 - is intended for those who want to buy a parking space on the day of the event. Access is recommended from Tomanovi Street from Vypich. In the time range 9:25-9:40, 10:35-10:50 and 11:45-12:00 the access to the parking lot is closed due to the race starts. The capacity of the parking lot is limited and in case it fills up we recommend to park in the streets of Břevnov between Bělohorská and Tomanova streets, where the zones are not valid on the weekend, and arrive to the race center by bike.

RVs and caravans - have a designated space within Parking 1. If you pay the fee (400 CZK), you can park in the designated area from Friday to Sunday (you will be directed by the organizers). Payment could be made at registration/check-in and, if available, at the information kiosk on Friday.

Participants are sorted into several blocks at the start of the race based on previous years' performance, registration time, and information entered during the registration/check-in process.

Entrances to the starting blocks are marked with a range of start numbers. There will be an accuracy check at the start block entry. Teams will start from the 3rd starting block.

Changes in the registration

The entry fee can be returned free of charge up to 30 days before the start of the race. In the period from 29 to 7 days before the race, the cancellation fee is 50% of the entry fee. If the participation in the race is cancelled less than 7 days before the start, the cancellation fee is 100%.

As a part of the registration process, it is possible to purchase entry fee transfer insurance, which entitles the registered rider to transfer the entry fee to another person. No additional fees will be charged by the organizer for this transfer.

Yes, it is possible, at the latest on Friday 9 June in the INFO POINT tent. However, we strongly recommend that you notify us of this change in advance by emailing In case the starting number has already been assigned, a new starting number must be issued to the competitor, which is associated with a fee of 200 CZK. The number for the original route must be returned.

Unfortunately, according to our terms and conditions this is not possible. This is in order to avoid the emergence of a black market with entry fees due to the progressive price increase and also because of the agreement of the conditions of participation in the race, which each participant confirms at registration. 

Yes, it is possible to transfer the entry fee to the next edition of the race. Just email us on: 

Course of the race

The start of the race on the Long Trail is on Saturday 10 June at 9.30. The starting blocks for the ranking of competitors open at 9.00.

The start of the race on the Medium route is on Saturday 10 June at 10.40. The starting blocks for the order of competitors open at 10.10.

The start of the Short Course race is on Saturday 10 June at 11.50. The starting blocks for the order of competitors open at 11.20.

The start time is the same for all competitors and starts at the moment of the start (not when the competitor passes the Start Gate). 

The first 8 kilometres or so of the route are non-racing. The sharp start will take place on the border of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region before Hostivice and will be signalled from the director's car. 

The time limit for finishing the race on the Short course is about 18 km/h, for the Medium course it is about 22 km/h and for the Long course the limit is stricter 25.8 km/h. The last competitor to be counted in the results will cross the finish line at Strahov at 15:46.

The race organizer reserves the right to change the limits.

At the end of the race at the level of the time limit, a marked vehicle of the organizer will drive. If the competitor is overtaken by this vehicle, his starting number will be withdrawn and he will finish the race. A DNF will be indicated next to his name on the results list. 

If the competitor is overtaken by this vehicle of the organizer, his starting number is withdrawn and he becomes an ordinary road user. He may drive to the finish line on his own, provided that he fully respects the rules of the road. The other option is to be taken to the finish by a collection bus which will travel at the end of the entire race convoy. It is also possible to board the bus with a bike. 

One neutral technical support vehicle will be on each route. As there will be around 1000 competitors starting the race on each route, we recommend self-sufficiency in this matter. 

Official team mechanical cars are prohibited. 

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